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Analista de Planejamento Financeiro (DO Financial Analyst)
Empresa: confidencial
Área profissional : Administraçao de Empresas, Ciências Contábeis e Economia

Resumo do Cargo:

The DO Financial Analyst will provide action for activities related to the implementation ofthe RTS targets for the GEOS SA.  This role will focus analysis and proposals for top line growth, cost of goods sold efficiencies and ways to continue to reduce SG&A. By relying on the Accounting & Finance organization to produce accurate and timely financial and management reports, this position provides analysis and insight on the direction the business should go. This position should also proactively challenge the status quo trought the support of all of the fronts of the RTS implantation.

The analyst should Build strong relationships within the function and business including leadership teams. Critical skills in analysis, communication of a set of information and point of view, influencing, and challenging the staus quo are crticial.


70% Financial Planning & Analysis – Focused to implement the RTS plan

• Support the RTS implementation, being the key partner and resource of the Delivery Office:

• Partner with internal customers to develop analyses that lead to actionable insights that improve business decision making, performance, and business growth.  Help implement approved action plans.

• Monitor operational performance including variance analysis and comparison against forecast and budget.Challenge the business with a critical view and propose oportunities to improve.

• Support with preparation of financial business plan, forecasts and budget.

• Create and drive value within business (stretch targets). Measured by profit improvement (wider margins), lower cost and driving performance. Focus management on most critical risks and opportunities.

• Demonstrates an application of broad/diverse commercial knowledge with understanding of how all areas come together and operate as a business.

• Deliver clear presentations including defending positions on controversial topics, adapt style to continuously seek ‘winwin’ solutions.

30% Process Improvement:

• Utilize and improve existing frameworks and reports to enhance the analytical environment in operations.

• Establish new key performance metrics where appropriate


Required Qualifications

•  Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or other Business related degree

• English Proficiency

• Ability to integrate and interpret disparate sources of data using broad range of analytical data tools. Incorporates use of statistical methodolgy and predictive modeling techniques. Design, develop and implement value-added business analytics.

• Demonstrate strong commercial acumen. Able to understand the business (products/services, customers, processes) and their key drivers of success (how they make money,what the business costs are).

• Demonstrates high degree of curiosity. Invest  time and energy into learning. Seeks different points of view and perspectives (internal and external).

• Relates to others with candor, openness, and transparency

• Builds trust across multiple stakeholder groups

• Demonstrated ability to influence at all levels of the organization

• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

• Strong problem solving and analytical skills

• Demonstrated flexibility and ability to deal with ambiguity

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